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Europe provides endless opportunities for travelling and holidays and you will find the nicest hotels, cottages, camping’s in each corner of this continent.

The Alps and the Pyrenees are the highest mountains while Volga and the Danube are the longest rivers. The different parts of Europe have their distinct climates. The states of Southern Europe , which border on the Mediterranean , have a long and warm summer. The northernmost parts of Europe are situated above the Polar Circle; it is very cold there, and in winter one can never see the sun above the horizon. So it depends what preferences you have for you holiday or travel destination which country would meet your needs best.

european startpage boxing dayWith its area of 10,498,000 square m and a population of approximately 750 million, Europe appears to be the most densely populated part of the world. It is also very diverse in nations and languages. Each European country has its own culture, the traditions of which often go back for many centuries.

All of the capital cities of Europe are well worth visiting during your trip or holiday. Large museums such as the Louvre and the Hermitage preserve innumerable treasures of Western civilisation. Ancient monasteries and castles reveal the history of the Middle Ages throughout many cities and villages. In combination with the local hospitality you will enjoy a fantastic holiday.

Similarly, you can plan your visit to France , Spain , Great Britain , Germany , etc. You can find assorted travel information on the Internet, and will be very helpful. It is a convenient and easy-to-access set of tourist web pages providing information about all European countries. This web site is a must-have bookmark.

Enjoy your journeys throughout Europe - either virtual or real. Whatever you chose, you are welcome.

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